Python data structures and sequences: a pragmatic approach

Tl;dr: bismillah. Many of my folks who are not CS student, also applied to me, still stumbled in the concept of the data structures and algorithms. Even though, that is the core subject if we want to be a proficient programmer or maybe become data scientist/analysis. Also in my experience, during interview with some tech company, Continue reading “Python data structures and sequences: a pragmatic approach”

Deep Learning: The top-down approach learning

TL;dr: Maybe you had lots of question what is the first step to really learn about machine learning and deep learning, so this is my thought. But the reason behind is I think the approach to learning this subject is also read the code more and then research the theory behind, so that’s why I took free course in This is an actual quote from a user in hackernoon about this approach learning and maybe it’s applicable to anyone who will start to learn ML&DL.

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