Crypto 0000

So this is gonna be my zero journeys about cryptography. Recently, I saw a bunch of videos and read some papers about cryptography, and I think I love it. I’m not quite sure why, but I realized that when I was in high school, the first time I introduced by my friend about command prompt on Windows a.k.a CMD, I feel amazed. And back then, I was trying to using it very often.

Then I know about Linux System and tried to dual boot my windows system with some Linux distros, like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, Backtrack, and Kali Linux. Using Linux systems it was very fun for me and when in high school, I was very famous among my friends as OS guy, who could install a laptop/PC with dual-OS.

And when using Linux, especially pen-testing OS like Backtrack and Kali, the first thing I tried was to crack my cousin wi-fi password. Just using some tools like Aircrack-ng, Airdump, and Wireshark, I tried to do that in some public areas in my hometown, but mostly was failed. I still remember, when I didn’t come to school because I went to a seminar in Jogjakarta about developing a shell in Linux system for penetration testing, but unfortunately I was still a kid, didn’t have any driver licenses, I went to Jogja alone, I get lost on the road and get nothing.

That was my preliminary steps before I meet cryptography in college.

Alright, so in the next post, I’m gonna tell about things in cryptography that I have learned from the basic.

I’m not a cryptographer, but I like a secret and break things.