My github notes for everyone

Tl;dr: GitHub is actually a repository for code application that has some feature and this is an inheritance from the actual application called Git. The features are like:

  • commit (is like save file) and has a unique identifier (hash)
  • branches (two possibilities at the same time)
  • pull request (take some changes from particular branches and bring them into another branch)
  • merge (merge the changes into the particular branches)
  • forks (taking an entire another instance of the repo and just having it on your account)
  • that’s going to be a push: sending out ( 0 —–> 0)
  • that’s going to be a pull: coming in (0 <——– 0) (would you please Mr. x coder pull my changes) that pulls request.

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Greedy algorithm

TL;dr:¬† So, the prologue is every night after Isya’ pray, I always get trouble to choosing what kind of meal that I want to eat. Yes, it always happens to me every single night. Whether in morning or noon, I just easily eat what meal I want. And seriously it can influence my friends when they come to my dormitory.
This problem would I call going nowhere problems.

I realize that it is some iterative thought that probably used my memory and thinking process that it is supposed to be can effectively using in another issue. Then, the question is how can I develop some kind of optimize model that maximize or minimize the solutions of that problem before night and also set some constraint that eliminates solutions.

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